[Crush] Pippa Middleton in Stella McCartney Dress

When I started the blog, I was a little fixed on the Middleton sister's style - particularly Kate. But to be honest, since she's added the HRH to her name her style has become very predictable and a little dated. I had hoped she would test the boundaries of her new modern royal persona and not go down the twinset and pearls route, but she has (and her oh-my-god predictable styling is one of the saddest fashion trends of the this century). So, the mantle has been passed to younger sister, Pippa who is doing a mighty fine job.

Pippa Middleton in Stella McCartney AW12

Pippa's book launch yesterday in London sparked a frenzy here in the capital, and as much to do with her dress choices (all four of them) as her writing skills. I've read extracts from the book, and to be honest there is some good stuff in there. She well admits she is able to do this because of her sister's fame but lets not forget the mountain of party planning experience she has from her own hard work, running her parent's business Party Pieces. I've been reading the site's blog for a long time now and it's very good (check it out here) - although her tips like 'turkey is a fabulous choice for Christmas' and 'using some cheap caviar' are slightly interesting - but come on, we've all had to up the word count for the sake of it once in a while ...

the Middleton family minus Kate / Pippa

My favourite of her choices was the Stella McCartney dress above, that I've been spending a hell of a lot of time searching for today.  I've made no secret of my love for the Stella McCartney AW12 collection - it is so flattering and so easy to wear that every girl should be trying to get a piece of it (in fact I'd imagine they are, and the dress has probably sold out worldwide already). The most similar style I have found is at Net A Porter here

Well done Philippa, you nailed the look and have drastically upped the Middleton's style appeal - a mon avie. (read my other ode's to Stella's AW12 collection here).

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Bea said...

I need this dress!

B xxx

Unknown said...

Sheer tights, though!

gaby said...

Beautiful dress !!!
I like her style !


Josie said...

I wish Kate would take more risks too! Well done Pippa though, she looks fab xxx

Unknown said...

i found your blog and i am really in love with it!
hope you follow mine back!
love smnth

Alison Hutchinson said...

I really do love Pippa's style and this dress is gorgeous! And it's do true about Kate's style --hopefully she will have the freedom to make more fashionable choices soon.


today for jane said...

I agree - I think she looks fab at the book launch and is generally a better dresser than HRH these days. I liked the Paper London dress she wore as well.

A quick heads up, I just bought a copy of her book at Waterstone's - they've got loads of signed copies!

Unknown said...

love the flare skirt on this dress! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

love from San Francisco,

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