[Craving] Paige Verdugo Jeans

It is no secret that Selfridges is my favourite store ON THIS EARTH.  In fact if you paid rent by the hour spent in a place I'd probably owe their Oxford Street store more money than I would my landlord.  I (as always) went there last weekend for a browse and stumbled upon these lovely exclusives from Paige Denim.

Madame blue and peach jeans / Versaille red and blue jeans / Petersburg green and yellow jeans - all £350

I think I am slightly late on the band wagon here as after closer online inspection quite a few bloggers have posted about this, but regardless: I think they are wonderful.  I tried them on and literally melted with happiness.  Paige's denim fits like a glove and is without a doubt one of my favourite denim brands.  The pattern is incredibly flattering too, which for white jeans is a god send - the pattern draws the eye inwards and so makes your thighs look fab.  Or in my case, more fab than usual.

The jeans really reminds me of Celine's SS11 collection - do you agree?  Have a peek above... Ooh, and as a final note - if you want to know more about the founder of Paige, read a little interview with her by fellow blogger Ella of La Petite Anglaise.  What an inspirational woman!

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the style crusader said...

Totally agree that the jeans are super similar to the Celine collection. The print is almost identical, right? This is the first time I've seen these jeans - they look awesome! xx


Monica Beatrice said...

Anna I am sharing your love! The Verdugo jeans are my new favourite find - I got to try two pairs out which I was nervous about at first because they look really slim fit, but even with a 'generous' bum like mine they are really form-fitting and hug your curves. All in all a MASSIVE thumbs up!

Here are my posts featuring both the polkadot and the white printed versions you featured:

White Printed: http://www.theelginavenue.com/2012/09/what-i-wore-lfw-day-2-paige-denim-and.html

Polka Dot: http://www.theelginavenue.com/2012/07/look-of-day-paige-polka-dot-jeans.html

<3 <3 <3 Paige!!

MB x

ashley cooper said...

I completely agree! When I saw these jeans on your blog I though immediately to the Celine collection. I am actually brainstorming for my senior collection (fashion show) and am getting so much inspiration from this Celine collection to their current collection. The color blocking with the print is outstanding! Have a great day, dear.
-Ashley Cooper @ design-parlor.blogspot.com

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