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I'm sure you have spotted this look already, but being massively late on all things fashion it's suddenly dawned on me that everyone is wearing what are called 'shadow fit dresses.'  Krystal from This Time Tomorrow sported an amazing one last week (lets not mention the Givenchy Boots Of Dreams she paired them with, I get a bit upset), Ella from Cocos Tea Party was snapped at London Fashion Week in one, and Lauren from My Wardrobe has been busting them out on her Instagram feed for ages.  I want one.

ALL of my favourite places are doing them and I'm mildly obsessed, but the main culprits are Zara and Phillip Lim (one of my favourite high street stores and my favourite designer so I am taking this trend as gospel).  However, it doesn't suppress my need for a little bit of Phillip...

I know they're expensive, but they're just so pretty.  There is something about 3.1 Phillip Lim, not sure what it is but he makes the kind of clothes that make my knees shake.  His entire collection (have a peek here) is outstanding and I'm also loving the pop art stuff for AW12... Anyway... Back to the shadow dresses.  They are amazingly flattering; if you are slim they give you curves, but if you are curvy enough then the dresses somehow reign in any potential for look a tad chubby in a fitted dress (my common problem).

I've tried to calm my bank manager down by tracking down some high street options.  The Zara dress Krystal is wearing is unfortunately last season, but I've found one along the same lines (above) for a bargain £39.99.  Similar enough to the Lim piece and roughly £560 cheaper...  But, the real star of the show is also thanks to Ella who revealed that her dress was in fact from Mango - complete dead ringer, and also £39.99!  

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Ella Gregory said...

The Phillip Lim design is definitely the best as the grey panel very subtly nips in at the waist. So chic!

Unknown said...

Oooh I love this dress, the side panels are so cute!

love from San Francisco,

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