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This week we are making a bit of an exception as one of my favourite companies kindly agreed to take part in Sisters with Style...  My-Wardrobe is quickly becoming my online style mecca, and I was delighted when Lauren (PR Director) and Antony (Brand Partnerships Director) said they'd like to take part. I love looking at Lauren's workwear choices on her Instagram, and I found it really interested talking to a guy about their style.  Here we go...

Do you have a defined style, or does it change season by season?
Antony: I’d say I have a few styles but it’s really more defined by themes ie; workwear, weekendwear etc, not seasons. I like to think my style is classic with a quirk. I like designers such as 3.1 Philip Lim, Vivienne Westwood, McQueen and Louboutin. They all seem to do great classic yet edgy pieces. I'm not really about trends as such, but I like to look ‘sharp’.
Lauren: I have been evolving my style for a few seasons now, giving my look a bit more of an edge.   I used to wear 60s style shift or pencil skirt style dresses and then moved to leather leggings or skinny trousers with a tee and blazer thrown over the top.  This season I’m experimenting with a number of trends and key pieces.  Last season I loved neon and this season I’m loving peplums and the sporty futuristic look and in particular the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection. I have bought so much of it.

How has your style changed over time?
A: When I was younger, I was all about the garish trends and trying to do that whole “ I'm so different from everyone else”, but I hit 25 and realised I looked like everyone else who thought that.  My style has become a lot sharper. I guess that comes with being able to afford McQueen instead of Topman, but again, I think that everyone mellows with age and wants to look stylish instead of trendy.
L: Mine has definitely changed over time.   I'm more willing to experiment with different looks, colour and to wear more statement pieces, which I used to avoid for more classic, monochrome investment pieces..   I still love accessories and often use them to dress up a simple silhouette.   I'm known for my statement jewellery and killer heels. 

What impacts your style choices? Would you say you influence each other?
A: I definitely think we compliment each other. Lauren always looks ‘done’. She’s super stylish and polished. I take influence from people I see on the street right through to people I see on websites and in magazines. I’m obsessed with the blog ‘Guerrisms’. It show cases the coolest street style shots from New York and other major cities around the world.
L: I’m definitely influenced by my peers, style blogs and influencers within the industry.  Antony is definitely a good style judge and has vetted many a new purchase as have I with him.

What are your wardrobe staples?

A: My wardrobe staples are white converse high tops, a black blazer, charcoal grey thick rib cardigan, black chinos (rolled up to reveal bright socks on the ‘mankle’), crisp white Vivienne Westwood shirt, Michael Kors chunky watch, Daisy chakra bracelets and Thomas Sabo silver skull ring and of course, a good pair of jeans.  

L: A pair of leather leggings by Helmut LangGOAT Lolashift dress,  pair of Acne shorts, Joseph cream sleeveless blouse, J Brandskinny jeans, Joseph v neck cashmere jumper, Lily & Lionel scarf, Christian Louboutin heels, Anton Heunis jewellery and an Acne Rita biker jacket.
What items of clothing make you think of the other's style? 
A: This season, Lauren has really embraced neon. She has a neon yellow skirt and I always think of her when I see a Stabilo Highlighter...
L: An Acne LOVE tee, Acne denim shorts and B Store sandals, which Antony wore on our holiday to Ibiza.   It’s absolutely his character and every time I see the t-shirt on someone I think of him.
When you shop together, where are the first places you visit?
A: We trawl of course, and I always pick things I think she’ll like, but usually I’m a touch ‘off point’ but I usually pick a good statement item for her that looks amazing. We also go to Christian Louboutin and try on 10’s of pairs of shoes and end up buying a couple of pairs (sorry HSBC).
L: We can never resist a browse in Zara if we are in town.    Antony definitely likes feminine clothes on me and some items that he picks out are a bit too elegant, but he does like what I wear.

If you were to be dressed by one designer for the rest of your life, who would you choose? Who would you guess the other would decide on?
A: Lauren would pick MSGM or Dolce & Gabbana.. She looks amazing in their clothes. I would have to say Vivienne Westwood or Philip Lim for me.
L: Antony is right, It would be between Dolce & Gabbana and Phillip Lim.   They are very different, but I couldn't choose between them.   I would have said that Antony would love Vivienne Westwood or Comme des Garcons.

Do you have any particular ‘fashion memories’ with you own style?
A: I used to own this amazing Vivienne Westwood shin length military coat. I was in Manhattan and was stopped about 4 times in one day to ask where it was from. That coat was definitely a winner.
L: A neon yellow dress by Christopher Kane for Topshop, which I wore to Ibiza.  I have never had such a reaction to anything that I have ever worn.  I love wearing it!

What trends do you think you’ll adapt to for Autumn / Winter?
A: Definitely the ‘smart but not suiting’ trend will be big for me. I am envisaging a white shirt, bow tie, structured cardi, chinos and a brogue. Think Great Gatsby-esque. Not forgetting leather.
L: My favourite trends for Autumn Winter are the opulence and the futuristic sporty look, which I will be buying in abundance.   I love leather too, be it skinny trousers, jackets, skirts, dresses or tops, so it’s going to be my most worn look.

What pieces will you be buying for AW12?
A: I love my new McQ leather baseball jacket from It’ll be my autumn staple. I’m investing a super expensive (but worth every penny) knee length coat from 3.1 Philip Lim with an oversized digital check on it. Amazing.
LA 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli satchel, Joseph olive leather leggings, an oversized shearling gilet by 2nd Day, Bex Rox chain cuffs, 3.1 peplum top, Ash midnight wedge trainers and a Carven box skirt.

Thank you again to Lauren and Antony for taking the time to do the interview, you can keep a further track on their fashion picks via their Twitter accounts; @PRmywardrobe and @antonyhawman.  Have a peek here for other Sisters with Style interviews.

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Kate said...

These guys are so lovely, and fab to see the people we meet are actually good friends. GREAT post.

Leanne said...

Lauren is so gorgeous, I follow her instagram feed. I need her office outfits!

Laura x0x0

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Anna, I'm so happy you made an exception for these stylish siblings! I have to say that I completely share Lauren's love for the Carven's box skirt, but I wish My-Wardrobe had it in blue (saw it in Paris and it's so chic). Have a nice LFW week-end!

tien said...

Great post - I had so much fun reading it and am set for AW12! I've always had great experiences from mywardrobe :)

Tien xo

Unknown said...

these guys are so stylish!!!

Lisa said...

You two are just the best! Miss your lovely faces when I read this.

Lisa xoxo

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