[Trend] Black, Leather and Lace

Amongst the bold and the beautiful trends for AW12 is a far more serious theme - all things gothic and dark as night.  I've absolutely loved this idea ever since the Mulberry dinner last Fashion Week when Michelle Williams wore one of the nicest dresses I have ever seen (above).  Stella McCartney started a black-with-peplum-and-sheer idea with her polka dots last season, and it's a trend that just grows and grows and has created a wave of leather, lazer cut and laced black pieces.

Isabel Marant Leather Laser Cut AW12 / Stella McCartney and Liv Tyler

I spotted an edit in Elle the other week (below), and instantly knew it was a trend I want to be wearing this autumn... I'm buying into it big time.  I didn't know how easily the high street would take to it (look at the intricacy from the Valentino catwalk, above) - these fabrics are difficult enough on their own let alone together.  But, I really should have more faith - as here they've proven me very, very wrong.

I've been desperately seeking a steal for this - ever more since a shopping trip with a friend where she picked up a Temperley leather dress for less than £100... Jealous much?  I want to do this look so badly, but my budget is teeny weeny after a spending spree at the beginning of the month.  So, here are the best high street finds I've discovered so far...

Old faithful have some brilliant pieces, this leather peplum is going to be a massive hit for Autumn / Winter.  Their Clarabell maxi dress has been a strong seller recently too, and fits the gothic-cum-romantic air to this look perfectly.  Zara come a close second for their efforts - I love the hauntings these to their collections... and that dress is one of the best finds EVER.

Other surprising appearances include a gorgeous black peplum leather and and lace top from River Island for £35, unfortunately I can't get a proper picture as it isn't on the site yet - but here is a snap from ELLE I took.  And finally, New Look has brought out this fantastic leather dress for £44.99 - erm, bargain!

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V said...

I am love with the Isabel Marant leather dress. I'm not much into leather but that dress is beautiful!


Sarah said...

The Whistles maxi is my dream dress...I love it!

the cult of style said...

Love the peplums too!! Def all over that trend now!!
Good luck in the contest!


Olivia said...

I LOVE the Whistles leather peplum dress - it's going to be ridiculously popular methinks.
Thank you for popping by my blog - truth be told I was rather excited when I saw your comment, I've been a fan of yours for a while now! Olivia X

Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

Oh you're so sweet, thank you! I loved your cocoon coatigan - amazing! xx

Anonymous said...

Anna thank you. You have single handedly sorted out my shopping list for next week in London! Gothic? Lace? Leather? Get me to Whistle! Bookmarked :-)

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