[Bought] Topshop Oversize Denim Shirt

I'm back from holidays!  For anyone who follows me on Twitter or Instagram I massively apologise for the smug photos of sun, food and... more food.  We had an amazing time in Florence and then headed into Tuscany for a week in a gorgeous villa.  It was 36 degrees every day, and so London hit me like a wet fish when I landed yesterday (the Olympics action last night helped ease the pain, how amazing was that!?).  We ate, we laughed, we ate some more, we drank - and we all got pretty sunburnt in places...

I read an amazing book called 'Blogging Your Way To The Front Row' whilst I was away, and have a new lease of life for all things bloggery blog blogging.  As advised by the book I've updated my About Me section - and also written below about a little steal I found...

Stella McCartney SS11 oversize denim shirt

I'm not sure about you, but have a list of clothes I wished I'd had the money guts to buy at the time.  The oversize denim shirt by Stella McCartney is one of them.  I'd have been in the thick of paying back student loans and generally lolling about in recession-fun-times in the summer of 2011, therefore completely skint - so spending £300 odd on a t shirt may have been a tad excessive.  However, I've never really stopped thinking about it.

So, you can imagine my delight when I bounded into Topshop last week and found the 'Shirt Of Dreams.'  It isn't exactly the same, in fact, it's better.  I wore it to a lecture with Alexander Shulman at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London recently - with my Clements Ribeiro shoes and black skinny jeans.  It looks fabulous with huge statement necklaces too.  I bl**dy love it, and it didn't break the bank at £20 in the sale...

Wishing you all a great week as always - wish me some luck on the first day of my new job too!  New start, new beginnings = all very exciting...

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Michelle's Style File said...

Love it! Such a great find.


Unknown said...

Hey Anna, Brilliant blog! I just found you from your visit to my blog (thanks for stopping by). Gorgeous shirt. The Topshop version is a great find. Just signed on to follow you.

xx Mandi

Unknown said...

AMAZING! what a lucky find! definitely looks versatile :)


.sabo skirt. said...

We definitely like the Denim shirt's style :)

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Josie said...

This is lovely, what a bargain! Loads and loads of good luck with the new job xxx

Geri Looker said...

Great a "sloppy Joe" shirt, great for all occasions

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