[Craving] Mulberry Bryn Handbag

Its been a while since I've salivated over a handbag, but when Mulberry sent over some pictures of the latest edition to their family I made up for lost time... Meet Bryn.

Bryn comes in two sizes, and several colours (a duck egg blue, a red/orange) in addition to the black and browns here.  I think Mulberry have got it just right here - the subtly of the plaited straps moves forward from the famous Alexa, and the stitching and fastenings show just how clever the design team are.  I've been after a smaller bag for a while, and think I might well purchase the smaller size - but what colour!?

Bryn has already made a number of famous friends - including Alexa Chung herself.  She's been dancing around New York City with hers, Keira Knightly and Atlanta de Cadenet are other fans.  I can completely see why - the handbag is a perfect mix of practical and stylish (having tested it, the smaller size fits an iPad, and the larger fits a 15" laptop) - and works well with pretty much any style. I admit it, I'm obsessed.

Buy your Bryn for £550 here (small size) or £695 here (large size) - but save one for me!

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Maria said...

Lovely, I'd go for the Tan then you can wear with black, brown, navy neutrals plus many colours. Hope that helps :-)

Felicity said...

I'd be tempted to pick the orange one, it's such a gorgeous shade! x

Alexa said...

that bag is soo cute! I want one!

Alexa <3

ipad 3 cover said...

Those look perfect!

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