[Craving] Sisley Bucket Bag

As any blogger will tell you, I spend a good hour a week going through emails from people about new look books, features and pulls.  But it is SO worth doing as ever so often you come across gems like these.  Sisley's stuff is just so good at the moment - until recently I only associated it with holidays in Italy when I was younger, but what a mistake I made as they are brilliant in the UK!  These bucket bags are gorgeous - a new and improved version of the one everyone and their dog (sometimes literally) owned last year from Zara...

If forced to choose, the larger size is my favourite.  The 'bucket' bags are swarming the high street at the moment and was pretty hard to pick out the jewel in the crown until I spied these.  Love the tassles too - following Mulberry's trend to add something extra to their carriers... As a side note, the Zara versions were without a doubt the most flawed design in the universe - the inner-bag didn't fit the outer leather and proved to be a nightmare for tonnes of my friends... Buy the Sisley one instead, it's way better.

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Oh I love them, very simple & sleek, I would't mind one of these on my arm!


Laura {This City Life London} said...

Ooo love these! Have to admit Sisley doesn't bring to mind on trend bags but looks like they've proved us wrong here!

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...

The leather looks SO buttery! These are gorgeous!

Have a great weekend!

Holly Foxen Wells

Unknown said...

These are stunning! x

Currently hosting a giveaway which is set to end in just a few more days if you fancy a pair of galaxy print leggings!

Unknown said...

Such cute bags! Perfect for the fall season :) Thanks for stopping by + commenting on my blog earlier. I'm following your blog now! xo


Alexandra said...

Omg these are so stunning! Such a perfect, fall-apropo piece.

Alexandra xo

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