[Craving] Liberty Nike High Tops

I have an unusual style craving for me; high tops.  Not just any high tops - purple high tops covered in floral Liberty print.  Do I don't I?  I sent the link to my sister last week and I can imagine her choking on her coffee with laughter at the idea of me in them.  But I want them.  Come on people, some of you have been following my style choices for almost 18 months (probably just my mother, hi Mum) - could I do it!?

I have loved these from a distance for ages, but one of the girls in my office has them and she looks awesome.  Can I pull them off?  I'm only 5 foot 4, and have a slight 'thunder thigh' situation going on at the moment... I'm not instinctively cool, I have to put effort in.  So - shall I give these a try?  They are so pwetty. 

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Helen at THELOVECATSINC said...

i think you should get them! they're so pretty

from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

ps. feel free to enter into my big jewellery/accessory giveaway! it's worldwide and you can win one of two prizes!

Lucy said...

Absolutely! I have major love for these and, if you think about it, they really are pretty versatile meaning they COULD be thought of as somewhat of an investment piece which really means you could earn the money back per wear. Complete justification!


rose said...

I love those liberty high tops they are gorgeous I also like the red ones, they are a bit pricey but I think that they are worth it :)

Fashion Rhapsody

Rose xo

Alexa said...

definitely seeing these everywhere! they are too cute

Alexa <3

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