[Lopez Loves] Our new bed linen - Zara Home

I wasn't supposed to go shopping yesterday, but I had a few spare hours and walked down to Regent Street in the sun (in my new ASOS summer dress - here) - lovely to finally have some sunshine in the capital.  Any way, my true reason for going down there was to get my iPod sorted - the camera has stopped working and there is a white line across the screen the whole time.  However it seems the 'Genius bar' isn't that genius - you have to book way in advance and I was sent off on my way until the next available appointment (a week on Tuesday!).

I noticed the Zara sale and couldn't resist popping in, and my sister had asked if I kept an eye out for the jacket she's after - so I felt (by sibling duty) I should go and take a look.  I tried on a mountain of stuff, but walked away with a green khaki scarf here and a pair of denim shorts here.  It then occurred to me that the Zara home sale must be on - and that's where my credit card took a pounding. Look at my lovely new linen - and doesn't Lopez make quite the little model?!

He wasn't even supposed to be on the bed, but I walked out for two minutes and when I came back he was all over it.  I absolutely love it, felt like I lived in a hotel when I got in bed last night (except for the party the flat above were having until 4am... thanks guys). Gah, you know you've reached middle age when you're blogging about your obsession with bed linen - but I don't care.  It's fab.  Buy it for yourself here on the Zara home website...

Right, I'm now off to sign up to the gym - after lunch with Dearne from Notting Hill Girl I feel inspired - wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read the tweets about your training sessions :-)

I popped into the Zara sale in the US yesterday but it was just too busy for me, I have my eye on some shoes online, we shall see. These shots are so cute, Lopez looks very much at home!

Head to Toe Chic said...

What gorgeous bedding!!


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