[Gifted] Ness and Pepper Rose Print Scarf

The lovely team at Dee Vesali PR noticed my post on silk photo print skirts I did last month, as they represent a gorgeous scarf brand called Ness and Pepper and wondered if I might be interested in them.  Scarves and accessories aren't often front of mind for me, but when I looked at the patterns I knew I had to have one.

Maybe as it's summertime, I've noticed a surge in flower related posts - Anh at 9to5 chic and Christine at Fash N Chips both wrote about flowers recently, which definitely had an impact on the choice of scarf I decided on.  I went with the 'Colombian Roses' design, a country very close to my heart as I visited Colombia last summer and absolutely loved it - you can read my reviews of Cartagena and Majagua here.  The flowers around the whole country are literally amazing - so the scarf had a lot to live up to.

It arrived on a particularly grim day in the office; a parcel like this could not have perked me up more.  Packaged beautifully too.  When I opened it I couldn't quite get over the quality - gorgeous!  Never again will I waste money on cheap make-do scarves - silk is the way forward.  I've been wearing it around my neck all afternoon, so soft and the quality is insane.  I just need to work out how to keep Lopez away from it - although I think he was more jealous that I was taking pictures of something other than him...

Am gearing myself up to some outfit posts this weekend - this scarf will certainly feature...  At the moment I'm thinking; breton tee, denim shorts, red ballet pumps and my lovely new scarf :) (have a look at the Ness and Pepper website here)

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Rachel said...

This is lovely - I need more silk scarfs in my collection. (And the do is adorable, by the way!)

Hollie said...

Adorable piccies of Lopez :-)

Lydia said...

wow this looks beautiful! x

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

What a beautiful surprise! I would love to receive this kind of parcels at the office, they would make my days so much better...I'm going to check this label, thanks for the suggestion!

Unknown said...

lovely! just lovely!

MIRTE said...

Such cute pictures! :)

Aurélie and Angelo said...

I absolutely adore scarves and love collecting them! Love the rich raspberry hue of this one! I love Lopez more with every pic I see of him, sooooooo cute! xxx

Sarah // DOTTY said...

What a ridiculously cute dog! Beautiful scarf, too. Is it digitally printed or dyed? I'm a sucker for silk.

Thank you for your recent blog comments - I'm now following your lovely blog and look forward to reading your new posts!

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