[Craving] Whistles Meadow Tee

I did a brave thing this weekend, I went into the Whistles sale.  I'd been avoiding it, totally to perturb bankruptcy.  Oops.  So, I went in and was fully prepared to spend - and boy their sale is good.  But you know when you're sale shopping and you see those two little evil words 'New Collection' ?  It kills you, instantly.  Suddenly regardless of whether a store is selling red soled shoes for £1, you only want the new stuff.  This is how my morning at Whistles rolled out...

This top is just gorgeous, it reminds me of a Monet painting (check me out, all cultured) and like a shirt my Mum had years ago.  I need it in my life.  Unfortunately the St Christopher's Place store in London didn't have it in my size - so I was spared a severe telling off from my bank manager/boyfriend.  But I can't stop thinking about it... Gah.  You have no idea how many times I have 'added it to basket' - in fact I only blogged about it in the hope it would release all the feelings I have of dire need and leave me to my week... It hasn't worked.

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januarysublime said...

This is a gorgeous top, such a effortless shape and it does remind us of a Monet.
Sorry if this tempts you towards it even more!
JS xx

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Blogging makes it worse for me... :( Plus, it really is beautiful... And if you love it THIS much you should just have it otherwise you may end up buying lots of other cheaper tops in order to heal the wound.

Satin and Souffles said...

LOVE the colours! So pretty xx


The Marcy Stop said...

Love this print! Perfect for Summer, but I could see it working well in the Fall too!

Rebecca said...

I agree that top is gorgeous! Beautiful for summer!


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Diana Marks said...

I like this top!

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Lucy said...

Loooove that top, I can imagine your cravings!

Aurélie and Angelo said...

Such a lovely tee, love the splash of colour and the boxy cut! It could form the basis of many an outfit, both dressed up and done, such a great piece! xxx

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