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This week, what with the awful weather (up until today - typical) in London I have decided to take action and dress myself into happiness. So yesterday, as I was office bound until the evening and then off to a Topshop event (thank you Emerald Street) it was a tricky day to dress for... Until I remembered my favourite pair of leopard print heels (a spontaneous gift from my boyfriend a year or so ago).

These things are an instant pick me up, and transform an otherwise conservative/work outfit. So I paired up mine with my gap green chinos, denim chambray shirt and my Aquascutum trench (or maybe called a 'drench' coat in yesterday's weather) coat.  Olivia Palermo uses leopard prints to jazz up simple outfits, like here:

There are loads available at the moment, here are my favourites (some of them are a little aspirational!!):

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Michelle's Style File said...

Love this trend! Great inspiration here.


blue roses said...

obsessed with the tapered heel in the first picture!

Unknown said...

Love your post! I have a pair of leopard print heels from Nine West, which I bought years ago. I don't care if they're in or out of style, leopard print is timeless to me!

Style Servings said...

Definitely need to get me some!

Unknown said...

I have never managed buying leopard print shoes for myself but I always find them great on other people's feet! I need some now! xxx Hayley

Sparkle said...

oh i need one leopard printed shoes, oh i do, i do :)


Josie said...

I've been looking for leopard slipper shoes for ages, those Dune ones are so perfect. Such a good price too! xxx

Rosie said...

I recently bought pair of French Sole's leopard print ballet flats, and am in love with them! They add more 'spice' to my wardrobe than anything else I've bought in a long time! I really like all the images you've featured in this post, they're so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge fan of animal print (snake print seem fine, but leopard I think I am scared of!) but of all the pairs here I did like the Dorothy Perkins style, I have several of their shoes in my wardrobe and I find they really last.

Good luck with your hunt!

Charlotte Champion said...

I need to get me a pair of leopard prints heels too!!

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