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A few weeks I mentioned on Twitter that I was going to start a 'Lopez Loves' section to the blog, every Friday.  Since then, my pooch and I have been very, very busy with all sorts of jubilee parties, holidays and putting together plans for his 1st birthday in the next few weeks.  But, we made time to a very special trip to one of our favourite shops last week - Mungo and Maud.

Mungo and Maud are a fantastic pet brand (cats and dogs) for anyone who wants to spoil their pet with well made, tasteful and quintessentially English treats, toys and accessories.  Lopez got his first ever collar from there when he was the size of my foot, and it has lasted incredibly well - even survived dips in the pond and teething sessions...

Mungo and Maud, Elizabeth Street

Personally I find it really difficult to find Lopez non-tacky gear - it seems to be assumed that if you have handbag size dog that you want to deck them out in crystallised collars and pink onesies.  Cannot think of anything worse!  We rather spoilt ourselves on our trip - I bought Lopey some new dog bowls (that my boyfriend will approve of given the political nature of them) with Bo Obama on.

I also bought him this fab monkey toy, that we have named Mungo!  He loves it - all of the arms and legs come off with velcro which completely threw him at first.  I keep finding him curled up in his bed with one bit of Mungo, poor monkey.  Think these toys are a great idea - and have used it to try and train Lopez 'fetch.'  He goes and gets it, but won't give it back - cheeky sod.

We also ordered a fab new brown leather collar for him, and I'll no doubt buy the lead at the same time!  Huge fan of this company - Lopey will own pretty much everything they do at some point in his life.  He loved his little adventure - especially when he was spotted by a passing photo-shoot crew for Wonderland magazine and asked to be snapped with British tennis player Laura Robson, below.  

Full of pumpkin treats, Lopez was ready to go home.  Thank you very much to Rebecca at Mungo and Maud for having us -we had a fab time.  Hope you all have lovely weekends - am off to Yorkshire to see some family and get some much needed rest and relaxation.  Will arrive in the village, sink into an armchair and only move for food, drink or country air.

Mungo and Maud have a store on Elizabeth Street, London and a concession in Harrods. Shop online here.

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Unknown said...

i love it!!!

xoxo from rome

Anonymous said...

That is so funny about 'loaning' him for a photoshoot! Cute store :-)

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