[Craving] Topshop's Dropped Waist Dress

Hope you guys are all well - sorry to be smug but today I am off to the Henley Regatta courtesy of Lexus and Emerald St (Stylist Magazine's cooler, younger digital sister) - hopefully the rain will hold off, am wearing a gorgeous new dress from Tegan - see here (French Connection's more formal, reserved sister).

One of my favourite bloggers is Krystal from This Time Tomorrow.  She's a girl after my own heart as she has a full time crazy job with Google yet manages to keep the blog going, posting several times a week.  Amen to that.  This week she wore a dress by Topshop and it immediately reminded me of a designer's work and I couldn't remember who!

So I was delighted when I got my answer over at another blog called Dressing Miss Dolly, it's Victoria Beckham's newest venture; Victoria.  There is an uncanny resemblance here to the style of the dress, and the colour is pretty much there too.  

Victoria has sleeveless versions in her collections too - this baby pink dress is gorgeous at Net A Porter, although the Topshop one is an absolute steal!  What do you think?!



Michelle's Style File said...

The Topshop dress is adorable!


Unknown said...

Love the baby pink dress, thats beautiful!

The Urban Umbrella


Kylie said...

All very 20s. I love the dropped waist, but I have a long torso and shorter legs so it just emphasises that trait ;) Maybe I will have another go at it, these dresses are divine xx

Aurélie and Angelo said...

What a gorgeous dress! I love the simple, fun, sixties silhouette, just my style! xxx

Anonymous said...

I love dropped waist, reminds me of the 20's but one need to be rather slender to suit it, I have too wide hips and need to mark my narrow waist not to look overly wide so not for me

Nice blog and thank you for stopping past mine earlier

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