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As much as the abundance of Middleton sisters all over the fashion press did my head in a little last year (we get it - go to Reiss and blowdry your hair - it isn't exactly rocket science) there was one thing Kate and Pippa showed me: that owning a tweed/twill box style jacket is an absolute essential.  Whether it's for  big occasion (like Kate's trip to Ascot last summer below) or weekend wear (like Pippa's outfit) - you really can't go wrong with one of these...

You can wear it time and time again (unless you are married to the future King of England, like Kate) and you can partner it up with all sorts of looks and different pieces.  Pippa has worn hers hundreds of times, and if the Resort 2012 Chanel collection was anything to go by, the look isn't going to be around for some time...

Wendy via 9to5chic / via pinterest

As I mentioned previously, Chanel were the ones to coin this 'look' - it started off as being seen as quintessentially French, a little Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany: twill jackets, pearls and pencil skirts.  But their practicality for English weather (they are perfect Spring and Autumnwear) mean the pieces are used for all sorts of outfits, be they for the weekend, for the evening or simple daywear. 

pictures via pinterest

Zara jacket (I have it too = love) via Fashiones / via Atlantic Pacific

If you are ever stuck for inspiration on which colour to buy or how to wear it, there are some great blogs where the girls regularly post outfits with tweed jackets.  Atlantic Pacific has several, which she cleverly pairs with a Chanel pin (instantly making the whole look worth a million more dollars) - pictures above right.  Also, blogs like Wendy's at 9to5chic (first picture) and BrittandWhit have some great pieces.

Chanel Resort 2012 Collection

I have a grey one that I've had for years from Spain, and the red Zara one above - but I love the lighter coloured jackets - I am on the hunt for a cream/white one at the moment.  Zara and H&M always have good pieces, but I'm trying my best to steer clear of them as everyone will have the same ones as me - have put my list of finds below...

via the Blonde Salad / via pinterest

Where to buy your Tweed Jacket from:
The high street have some fantastic pieces at the moment, but as always I'm giving a few more expensive options too - really believe that these 'essential' pieces are worth investing in.  Here is a general link to all of the tweed box jackets available on Net A Porter at the moment.  In addition, check out the following:

. Smythe - this Canadian jacket/coat brand are one to watch.  Check out this gorgeous black fringed jacket - available at Browns in the UK very, very soon.  Check out the available range here.
Joseph - this is where Kate got her white tweed jacket from (above).  Joseph are fantastic for well-made/well-lasting staples, if you can afford it
. Michael Kors - this man must be laughing in a pile of lovely clothes somewhere, as his success just seems to have quadrupled in the last few years.  His watches are a must have, and his stores are gradually adorning any self respecting fashion centre.  This black twill/tweed jacket is gorgeous, at £260 it's very good value for a designer piece
. Vero Moda - onto the high street and firstly, this jacket by the VM team is fabulous.  Classic, simple and £58.  Sold to the fashionista in the corner!
. Topshop - always a reliable store for pieces like this, and if you live in London then pop along to Oxford Circus and visit the Sister Jane boutique on the basement floor - this concession have some great tweed pieces.  Some of their collection is available online here
. Monsoon - this company never fail to impress me, gone are the days of this being a place for 'comfy mummy' clothes.  Love this jacket, reduced to £27.50 - if you buy nothing else, buy this!

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Style Servings said...

Definitely an essential, I wear mine non-stop!

a chic reverie said...

So true! I got one lately and simply can't stop wearing it. Just a quick correction, Wendy is from Wendy's Lookbook not 9to5chic - I love both ladies blogs and just wanted to let you know.

Anonymous said...

Zara also have a few nice tweed jackets right now...

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