Duchess of Cambridge in Matthew Williamson

Oooh Kate's popped out to the cinema, so the world took a few pictures.  Don't get me wrong, I love her Matthew Williamson dress - but it's a little predictable, no?  She went to see 'African Cats' and so wore a dress with a bit of a tribal thing going on...

Kate's style is fab, and I love that she wears British designers all the time - but - her styling needs some work.  Yawn.  Tribal for African themes, Maple Leaf for Canada, green for Paddy's Day, Cowboy Hat for The Wild West... the list goes on.  Sorry to moan (I do still remain jealous of here hair, teeth and legs) but I think she could really be pushing the boundaries a bit more... Modern Royal and all...  What do you think?

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Unknown said...

I agree that it would be nice if she wore something a little different, I do usually like what she wears though xo

Anonymous said...

I think she gets it perfectly right. I love her red carpet event decisions most of all, the pink Jenny Packham dress she wore once was outstanding. But I would love to know what she lazes around the palace in (if one does such a thing?)

STC Technologies said...

thanx for the share..keep up...
STC Technologies

cuteredbow said...

She looks great ! Love her dress so much !

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