Paris Fashion Week, Look 2 - Monochrome

And so it's all over - we have to wait for another 6 months for the hysteria to build again.  Not sure about you, but I found it all a bit overwhelming - I have a new level of respect for the journalists and fashion teams who have to cover all 4 weeks...  Paris was last but certainly not least - and had some of the most amazing shows of them all.  Chloe (as I blogged about here) was spectacular (with a Brit running the house, yay!) and even an 8 month pregnant Phoebe Philo managed to create masterpieces for Celine... 

Lanvin AW12 / Chloe AW12

Isabel Marant AW12 / Nina Ricci AW12

Any way, on to the looks, first up is monochrome.  Seems very appropriate to feature this look from the Parisian week as it is how the city that coined the concept.  Think monochrome, think Chanel (who, ironically were one of the only fashion houses not to feature the concept in their collections) think little boucle jacket and big, thick mascaras - you can also probably imagine an Eiffel tower in the background too...  As you can see the look was mastered in several different ways - Marant, Ricci, Celine and Lanvin all had black skirt and white top combinations.  However, they were all done differently - Marant went a little Western rocker chick, Nina Ricci kept it notoriously neat and tidy, Lanvin went (unsuprisingly) down the structured route and lastly Chloe went purely classy (and fabulous).

Kenzo AW12 / Giambattista Valli AW12

Veronique Leroy AW12/ Giambattista Valli AW12

Some names (above) copied/mirrored the London Fashion Week trend of tartan/checked prints.  The usually flamboyant Giambattista Valli kept their pieces very simple - grey, white and black fused together by the prints, again mirroring the London Fashion Week trend of white collars as stand out outfit-makers.  Other houses like Kenzo and Veronique Leroy used textile wool prints to 'excite-up' monochrome outfits - letting texture and skill do the talking.  Monochrome is a very bold way to say to the market 'I don't need colour and fuss to show my skills, I am very good at this fashion malarky' (or so I think).

Celine AW12 / Sonia Rykiel AW12

Carven AW12 / Sacai AW12

Hermes AW12 / Stella McCartney AW12

Generally speaking the look was everywhere - my favourite was at Stella McCartney (above) who put this white brocade-style dress into their otherwise bold, bright, (blue) collection.  Pure class.  Lots of collections had pilgrim elements to them, Hermes as above for example.  Little black hats were on several runways too - Charlie Chaplin style to give a 1920s air - or prairie shaped for a country theme.  Interestingly, it was rarely used to demonstrate androgyny - as it was in AW11 - only Givenchy and Sacai really did 'tuxedo' themed outfits.  Carven, Chloe and Celine did lace or brocade - again far less than last year.

Agnes B AW12 / Agnes B AW12

Veronique Leroy AW12 / Victor and Rolf AW12

Finally, white coats featured a lot - Agnes B had several as did Veronique Leroy and Victor and Rolf (lovely to know, as white jackets are big for spring summer too, so worth an investment).  Overall, you really wont go wrong with black and white outfit this winter - simple class and sophistication is back!

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Down This Road said...

love love!! X

Fashionistable said...

Black and white brilliant. That will make winter nice and easy. Xxxx

Andrea said...

Love the name of your blog, it's actually one of my favourite shopping streets ever! My favourite is the Isabel Marant.

Kultur und Stil said...

wonderful photos, so inspiring!
thanks for sharing!

xxx Anita

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