Mary Katrantzou Floral Pants

I have been frothing at the mouth over Mary Katrantzou's floral suit/trouser set ever since her show - not pleasant for the poor person who is sitting next to me in the office... But the idea is so simple that it is no surprise my high street favourites have created pieces which are OH so similar... I bought the Primark ones (yes Kids, I braved Primark - I lived to tell the tale too) but having seen the below ones by H&M Trend (which I spotted on il etait une fois this week) I'm now wishing I bought those ones... Take your pick!

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Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

wow those prints- such an original flair! x

Laura said...

Love the pants!

StyleByCelina said...

These pants are so killer! Love them with the matching jacket...print-on-print makes such a statement :).

Georgiana xx said...

I love the h&m ones! just get them aswell ;) you can never have to many xx

StyleOnTheCouch said...

I do like the fade-colouring of the H&M pair. You could get both? (did you get the Zara dress yet? I see it all the time and think of you!)

Valeriya said...

H&M pants is awesome!) Love the color!

Britt { Magpie Collective } said...

I love all the floral prints out for spring! Can't wait to get my hands on a pair of floral pants :)

Just found your blog, count me in as a follower!

Zülal Ateş said...

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and of course i will follow back instantly!!! :D

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Plami said...

I am such a floral addict! I love the pants! May be I should visit H&M soon :)


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