Give a Gorgeous Cow some Cowshed for Mothers Day!

I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with Cowshed.  I'm a relatively fussy shopper when it comes to parting with cash on beauty products, but Cowshed's stuff is worth every single penny.  Their lush smells seem to follow me - they're in my favourite London hotel (Dean Street Townhouse) and in the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class lounges - and therefore for me, they remind me of calm, lovely, happy times. So, I was naturally delighted when the Cowshed herd asked if I would like to help introduce their new range in time for Mothers Day - the limited edition 'Gorgeous Cow' collection.

The range includes a lotion, candle and bath gel - and with relaxing flavours like woody cinnamon, spicy ylang ylang and soothing lavender this is the perfect gift for any yummy mummy. She can have a lovely bath, cover herself in the lotion (which is totally amazing, btw) and then relax with the scented candle (and a nice home cooked meal would probably go down well with her too, if your mother is anything like mine).

You can purchase the lotion for £20.00 here, the bath gel for £18.00 here and the candle for £34 here. OR,  as a special little thank you to all South Molton St Style readers you can win your lovely mum the whole range! here is how:
  1. You must be a follower of South Molton St Style on Facebook (you can do so here) and also of Cowshed here
  2. Then we want you to comment below or email me. Tell us why your mum deserves the prize over every other mother in the land!
The winner will be selected by me and the Cowshed team on Wednesday the 14th of March, just in time for delivery for Mothers Day on the 18th March**. GOOD LUCK!

*competition is unfortunately only open to people in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.
**delivery date dependent on receiving address details from the winner

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Laura said...

My lovely jubbly mummy has had a really hard time this year, and she absolutely deserves a pampering! Plus, she is the best mother in the land!

email: laura.daniels (at)

Unknown said...

What a lovely prize, would love to win this for my Mum! (Like both on Facebook and obvs follow you too!)
My Mum has had such a difficult year this year; but even through losing her own Mum (and a close friend) and having my Dad take a new job where he works away she still manages to run her own business (and the house!) and support the rest of the family. She is such an inspiration to me and she definitely deserves some pampering!


Anonymous said...

Two years ago my gorgeous mumsie was diagnosed with cancer, it was a terrible year but she faced the treatment with admirable positivity and after 12 months she went into remission. Sadly a month ago we discovered the cancer had returned and were given the terrible news that it's now a case of prolonging her life rather than curing the disease. A huge blow to the rock of our family. She deserves to have the best year of her life this year, full of treats and suprises. She has had an a amzing life giving all she can to those around her without worrying about herself adopting children, looking after sick relatives and helping to care for her 5 grandshildren. And this is why I think she should win this fabulous prize. Sally x

cath said...

My Mum really deserves this prize as she looks after my Dad who is on oxygen and also takes mine and my sister's boys to school each day. She is currently packing up 40 years of belongings and memories, ready to move to a bungalow in April which will make it easier for Dad. She is really in need of a bit of pampering and I would love to win this prize for her. Thanks

Dominique said...

My mum is my best friend and she is just the most supportive, amazing, beautiful person. She’s always there to pick me up with positive words whenever things look a bit pear shaped and she always puts everyone else first. We live four hours away from each other which is really hard and although we talk on the phone lots and lots I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like which is why I would really love to win this for her to show her how special she is to me <3 My mum truly is a gorgeous cow x x

Anonymous said...

HI - it's Sally again, with my contact details.


Laura said...

I just found this blog and adore it! It's such a great read! (and you have cow shed goodies too!). South Molten St I adore, and mum used to work on there in her twenties too... so it runs way back. Anyway, keep up the good work! xx

Average Josephine said...

My mum deserves to win this fabulous cowshed prize because she is quite simply an amazing mum! She has looked after me when I have been suffering from depression and is currently going through the awful experience of watching her own Mum slowly die from emphysema. She is a wonderful woman and I'm very proud to call her my mum.

Laura said...

p.s my mother... is pretty darn cool too. At sixty she's left london for the countryside and runs the cutest B&B with fresh bread, her own chickens and makes home made jams. Oh and she looks after our ENTIRE family. Yet she's still always popping back up to London and is never one to turn down a cocktail too (her favourite.. the Ritz...). I serisouly dont know how she does it.

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