The Essential: White Shirt

This may seem incredibly simple, but I've found a lot of people don't own one of the most useful pieces possible for a good classic outfit: a plain, well fitted white shirt.  Many seem to veer away from them in fear of looking like an office worker - or avoid them for anything but the office.  However, they really are a great item to have, and they can be worn in so many different ways.

put it under a blazer (top left) pair up with your jeans (top right) or add some bows like Olivia Palermo and Blair Waldorf (below)

Whether it's to harden-up a soft skirt, do the androgynous look, do the school-girl look - or just to dress the part for a big meeting (amazing how a good collar can instantly give you authority).  Use it as a base for pairing it up with some statement jewellery, or with a big printed maxi skirt - so versatile you can do whatever you want with it.  Love them with leather too - I want a leather jacket to wear mine with.  Button up for a gothic look, or button down for relaxed and casual (like below)...

I know it's horrible to wear your 'work' clothes for anything but the office - but hopefully these pictures will give you some inspiration.  For me, there is no better look than a good pair of jeans, black blazer and a crisp white shirt (sun tan from the South of France preferred, but optional).

You can use them as a canvas to add accessory detail like the oversize jewellery above, or the cute silk scarf below.  As they cover enough of your top half, they're also perfect to matching up with shorter skirts as the old rule 'boobs or legs' is totally covered...  Or buy one two sizes big and wear as your boyfriend's shirt.. Or nab your boyfriend's - whichever is most realistic!

all via pinterest

Where to buy your white shirt

Now firstly, don't faint at the prices because this is an essential piece that you will wear for years.  And has a hint, even if you want to wear it open always make sure you can button it to the very top as otherwise it will look too small for you.

Alexander Wang - Best designer around for this kind of stuff. Best selection is available on netaporter.
Sandro - Get used to this brand as I'll be harping on about it forever, their tailoring is second to none
Charles Tyrwhitt - If you are after a very simple, classic shirt then this company (owned by the husband of the The White Company owner)
Zara - this old chestnut never fails, I have a few from here and they are superb
COS - If you are looking for an edgier piece, COS is perfect

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Laura said...

swear by hawes and curtis white shirts! It is perfect WS weather in london

Unknown said...

I swear by my white collared shirt! Love this post - gives me ideas for so many new ways to wear it :)




Anonymous said...

Love the essential white shirt! I have endless amounts of the them!! So simple and can go with anything!

Style Willow
Style Willow

SW x

rich girls. said...

one of my fave staple items.
great inspiration to work it into my wardrobe some more. x.

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