Cat and Mouse. Which are you?

I think I told you that I had a friend Suuz staying with us last weekend from Amsterdam.  Given how super stylish the Dutch are with their home interiors, it is really weird that their clothing retailers are so limited.  Every time Suuz comes here we hit the shops so she can buy her favourite COS, Whistles, Reiss and Topshop pieces.  But we spent most of our time in Selfridges shoe hall, as in about 4 hours.  

Marc by Marc Jacobs - £235 - here

This was where I spotted the mouse pumps by Marc by Marc Jacobs.  I absolutely love them - they are so fun.  I question if they are worth the investment, as they are undoubtedly a novelty trend piece - but I've been working incredibly hard for the last few months and earned some decent money - so I think it is time to make a little splurge.  The question I have to ask is, do I go Cat or Mouse?

Charlotte Olympia Kitty pumps £485 here

I also love these Charlotte Olympia pumps with a cat on.  Cats are very me - we always had them growing up and even now I am a dog owner I still consider myself a cat person! Also, Charlotte (Olympia) Dellal is a lovely British fashion success story... I'm leaning towards the kitty ones but they're an extra £250 smackaroonies!? What do you think?

PS - I've also spied these great kitty pumps from Missguided for £23.99... Decisions, decisions!

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mishka said...

Definitely mouse :)))

Unknown said...

Yep, Mouse for me too!

Sian said...

These are awesome, love the mouse ones! xx

Giovanna said...

Love these! I think I want both! lol


Bella said...

I'd go with mouse! Those misguided ones are an excellent copy though! x

Hollie said...

OMG love these mouse pumps! I say get the mousies and also snap up the Missguided kitten ones as they are an amaze copy, I've just featured them in Star! The kitten pumps are quite old now but I have never seen the mouse ones before. LOVE xx

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