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So the summer has come out? Anyone in London this week will agree; working in this weather is painful.  Not just because of the nightmare that is the tube in heat, but London is covered with rather impressive parks and there is nothing I would have rather done yesterday than sit outside in the sun with some Pimms all day.  Loving the longer days too - the boy and I went for a drink at a bar near us on Regents Canal this evening. For anyone local, I really recommend it - The Summerhouse on Blomfield Road.  Gorgeous - feels like you are on holiday!

Isabel Marant Renell pants

Having spent the weekend at Hyde Park with Lopez (and his BFF Tiber the poodle) I've been doing some aggressive summer style spotting.  And I'm after a 'look' - the aztec print.  When it first came out a couple of summers ago I really wasn't taken with the whole poncho thing, but now there are some really cool prints around on skirts, tops and shorts.  

Blake Lively in Marchesa

I guess it's the whole boho-chic thing, but everyone I spotted wearing aztec pieces looked very chilled out and care free.  I would quite like to be that person...  Here are my favourite pieces from the high street:

Zara Sequinned Aztec Print Skirts - left £29.99 and right £79.99

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Style Servings said...

Loveeee it! Great finds!

Caroline said...

loving aztec! want a pair of aztec shorts.. x

i otivar said...

im sooo into this trend right now. it's my favorite!

xx, thechicswag

Georgiana xx said...

Loving the aztec print at the moment aswell! I have been looking for the perfect piece for a while xx

StyleOnTheCouch said...

I've been noticing a lot of these prints around and I really like the mini skirts you've featured here in the post. I was also very happy to spy my new Zara heels in the photo of the lady in the pink dress, woop woop :-)

When are you coming to NYC Ms SMS Style?!

Bianca said...

I agree! Working full time in this weather and coming out to see everyone just chilling in their lovely spring clothes has been so annoying this week!

I love your blog - just found it, it's always great to come across another London based blogger <3 Following! Check out mine if you can, I've just started it back up and would love to hear opinions!

Anonymous said...

I agree, it looks amazing!

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