Accessorize's Coloured Clutches

Ever since I clapped eyes on Celine's gorgeous brightly coloured clutch bags, I've been on an eternal hunt for a similar model.  The price tag for what would seem a fairly simple concept is phenomenal - and even ones on the high street (cough... American Apparel... cough) are charging insane amounts for their versions.  Incase my description doesn't immediately remind you of what I am talking about, have a look here for some mental inspiration:

I was delighted to find a style that is very, very reasonably priced over at Accessorize at the weekend.  This style (below) is £12.00, and unfortunately what doesn't stand out from the picture is the fab quality of the bag.  The suede tassel is removable and at such a low price I am tempted to attempt a couple of DIY projects with them (studded, neons, dip dye etc).  They come in a big variety of colours (including a red just like the one above - my fave is the aqua!) - such a bargain, and you can buy yours here.

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Laura said...

Love the first clutch so much!

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

I love this kind of clutch and I noticed that COS has some very nice bags in similiar design (

Angelic said...

oooh cool! Thanks for showing me the afforable version, going to add that to my shopping list!

Josie said...

Finally a lookalike that doesn't cost a bomb! Gorgeous xxx

Unknown said...

I have that turquoise one, such a bargain and they are really soft too!!

i want it in lavender and a light mint too!

Jade x

underthewillowtrees said...

Love the colours of the two at the sophisticated with a lovely pop xx

rich girls. said...

i actually never paid much attention to this clutch until now. i really like how it's been styled with the outfit in the second shot the most.
even better that you found an affordable alternative, even though that celine will always be on the wish list!
ps. thank you so much for your sweet comment. the shot is actually of elle from the blog 'they all hate us' she has absolutely incredible style and if you have instagram you should follow her on their. i do have an outfit post up on my blog though of the outfit i actually wore. thanks once again and i love your blog too! x.

StyleOnTheCouch said...

You are so right about the American Apparel prices, the quality didn't match the price tag at all. I got my clutches from an Etsy shop, the blogger CurlyInTheCity makes some lovely designs. I think you're pretty much sorted here though!

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