Neon Nails with Styluste

I find the most simple, easy and budget-brilliant way to embrace the neon trend is to paint your nails bright. And I mean bright.  I bought an amazing neon yellow polish from Illamasqua, and the number of comments I get is unreal.  My boyfriend can't stand it, and thinks I am a total fashion victim - but anyone who actually knows anything (no offence babes) thinks I look cool (which is obviously what really counts).  I was browsing one of my favourite blogs called Styluste and found these pictures - finally have found some images that totally defend my view.

Rebecca looks fab - love the way she is totally in monochrome and then the neon stands out like POW!  Very jealous of that handbag too.  I really recommend Illamasqua nail polish (the shade is called Rare) - it is made for the stage so really lasts and doesn't chip.  Barry M do a cheaper alternative, but for gods sake use a base coat otherwise your nails will be permanently yellow/green/pink.

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Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

So stunning! x hivenn

Unknown said...

Right nail colour goes well with a simple outfit like black and white!

Josie said...

I love this! Been after fluorescent yellow nail polish for ages. x

Lindsay said...

I'm loving the polish, but I'm REALLY loving the shoes. Where did you find them, if I may ask?

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