[Craving] Marks and Spencer's Silver Laser Cut Skirt

Thought I would take a little break from my Fashion Week reviews and show you something rather wonderful from Marks and Spencers.  Remember the genial Giles collection in September last year? (Yup, I know - with London Fashion Week going on it is hard to remember that there ever was a season previously)  All the handicraft that went into his leather wear was just incredible, and I cannot believe the high street (albeit Marks and Spencer) has managed to coin the look for £149...

Ok, it's a 'close match' rather than an identical item but it's pretty damn good.  Wear just as the model has - this skirt is complicated enough - with a plain tee or a white shirt (buttoned up to the top, obviously).  This is a great little piece that you can pair up with so many of your essentials.  Well done Marks and Spencer! 


Selene said...

Thank you so much for finding me and for the sweet comment!
My blog is about travels, hotels and restaurants but i really love fashion too so you have a new follower for sure!

Style Servings said...

Wow, they are so similar, what a great find!

Sydney PR Girl said...

Oh wow, I'm not sure how i feel about M&S ripping off a designer so blatantly! I do love this skirt though

Anonymous said...

I saw this in a magazine and so far have been unable to locate it via Marks and Spencer. Do you know if it has a release date. I agree... it's fab!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I cannot find this leather skirt too in M&S.
Has anyone got a release date please?


Anonymous said...

It's available on the M&S website now! Good luck! Xx

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