London Fashion Week, Look 7: Silky prints

Alice Temperley AW12

So, this is the last in my London Fashion Week round ups - and my god has it been fun.  This was the first year that I really felt I understood what was going on, proving that this blog has been a little bit of an education for me.  I found doing the reviews really cool, and also feel I have a whole new level of appreciation for British fashion  - really hope the cheeky Arts Council don't pull the plug on any more funding, and we can start to think about bringing manufacturing back home - as we're damn good at it.

Antoni and Alison AW12 / Burberry Prorsum AW12

Clements Ribeiro AW12 / Clements Ribeiro AW12

Anyway, back to fashion - the final look I noticed was a very silky one!  Silk prints - lots with florals and lots with oriental-type styles.  Not very surprising as last year the Christopher Kanes and Mary Katrantzous of this world propelled themselves into fashion super stardom with their organza frocks, so I guess other names want a piece of the limelight for a while too.  

Erdem AW12 / Marios Schwab AW12

I think the primary themes within this look were oriental and a little bit Soviet!  It even tempted traditionally modest names like Alice Temperley into testing out some bolder ideas, with her amazing Russian themed collection (first two pictures).

Michael Van Der Ham AW12 / Paul Smith AW12

Paul Smith AW12 / Stella McCartney AW12

The colours were deeper and richer than last year (Burberry Prorsum has a key example) - and many designers made a  big point in their PF efforts to say that the prints were done by hand rather than machine, which is a significant change from last year when digital prints were at the forefront...  My favourites were from the two names who used fresher colours, Mary and Stella below...

Stella McCartney AW12 / Mary Katrantzou AW12 

So that's it for another year in London, now on to Milan..!

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Unknown said...

i totally agree about the education once you really start paying attention to the shows and trends! love your recap. Mary Katrantzou designs are so lovely!

love from San Francisco,

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

love these pieces! xx


.sabo skirt. said...

we love your fashion! :)

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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Walking In May said...

Can't agree more.....there definitely needs to be more 'made in Britain' products again!! Beautiful recap of an amazing season!!
May x

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