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Back in June last year, I had no idea that Jean Shrimpton's iconic style would have such a revival.  I was a bit confused as to why my post (here) was ranking highest out of my weekly postings for the last few months - and then discovered there is a film being made about her (with Karen Gillan playing her) called 'We Take Manhattan.'  Regardless, her 'look' seems to every where, which gives me a great excuse to revamp my thoughts on how to get her style.

In case you aren't aware of Miss Shrimpton - she was somewhat responsible for that iconic sixties style we all know and love.  I mean the shift dress, flats and big lashes.  Arguably it was all down to her...

In 1965, Jean sensationally (!!) turned up to the Australian Derby wearing a shift dress 10cm above her knees - with no tights.  This was pretty much unheard of until then, and in one fashion swoop Jean created the 'mini skirt.'  

As the world's first ever 'supermodel' Jean did so much more than wear short skirts (and make it acceptable for others to do the same, much to the disappointment of their parents).  She created the 'babydoll' look and we all still copy to this day.  Without her, our modern day fashion icons such as Blair Waldorf and Alexa Chung would never have had the style they do today.  She rarely wore heels, and she made it sexy not to.

Jean Shrimpton at the 1965 Australian Derby

To coin the look, you'll need a few of the following: flat shoes, shift dresses, mascara, mini skirts and probably some twill jackets (post on those bad boys coming up in my Essentials series).  Shop in classic places like Hobbs/NW3, Jaeger Boutique, Zara and pick up some basics in H&M.  Here are a few bits I am loving at the moment which follow the theme:

Monsoon Fusion's Garland Dress £55 here / ASOS tweed dress - gorgeous and only £33 here

This look is perfect for anyone who is just after a capsule wardrobe as you don't need much at all to get this right.  Just a few well tailored pieces will serve you nicely.  Oh a big style mascara - Maybelline or Mac are the best ones around.  Absolutely love Jean, she's my new style obsession.... Sort of a Lana Del Ray of the 60s...

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Stylosophism said...

I love the way you collected in a short post so much informations, pics and suggestions.

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Oh I didn't know about the movie either! I wrote a massive post about her last year after reading her autobiography. Just in case you haven't seen it and feel like it, it's this one:


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