Happy 1st Birthday South Molton St Style!

A year ago today, I was sat at home in Yorkshire recovering from a fairly serious operation.  I was supposed to be off work for a month, but boredom got me better of me and I was back after two weeks - I'm not good at the sitting still thing.  So, from my sick bed I started South Molton St Style.  My first post was hopeless, my images were rubbish and my blog looked awful - I didn't have a clue - I thought Jil Sander had two L's, I couldn't pronounce Moschino (and I supposedly speak Italian) and I didn't know what 'couture' was.  Writing this blog has been a great learning curve for me, and has never stopped being fun which is what is most important.  Any way, today has made me reflect on all the things I have done since I started: 

I got better, joined Twitter, met my puppy, went to Majorca with friends, watched the Royal Wedding, got a puppy, applied for Olympics tickets, went to New York, moved house, went to Ibiza with my best friends (and first grown up holiday with my sister), danced until my legs gave in at Blue Marlin and Pasha, cried with happiness when my friend got pregnant, went to Miami with my boyfriend, actually fought with a woman over a bag at a sample sale, went to my first Fashion Week, learnt to write HTML, went to Colombia - went to a private island 2 hours out to sea with my boyfriend (complete surprise), partied with South Americans (mental), had numerous nights out with my 

girlfriends, got a better camera, spent too much time in Betty's Tea Rooms in Harrogate, got Olympics tickets, took the plunge and left my horrible job, went to my friend's baby shower, bought a few handbags, got my head around Tumblr, went to Sweden for a magical winter break, wrote for the Evening Standard, took any excuse to visit North Yorkshire, taught the puppy not to wee inside, joined Pinterest, got a new job, had the best birthday dinner with my nearest and dearest, took the puppy for his first photoshoot, had Christmas with my family, finally became the owner of a Kate Spade wallet, and I met my friend's baby - a gorgeous little boy (the only man allowed to our coffee breaks)...Phew, it's been a very good year.

Thank you to everyone - old friends who think me writing a blog is hilarious, new friends who comment on the opposite, followers who's words make my day.

Happy Birthday to South Molton St Style!

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Joanne said...

Happy Birthday, Congratulations on the milestone! I'm at two and half months so I still have a long shelf life left in me I hope! It seems you had a great fun filled year. Wishing you another year of even more great things!

Stephanie said...

Penblwydd Hapus SMS Style! - a very successful year indeed, here's to many more! xx

Style Servings said...

Aaaaw happy blogiversary!! Sounds like an amazing year, and I'm sure this year will get even better!

GRACE said...

yay! happy 1 year to your blog. your blog is an inspiration to me and i love hearing your opinions on styling and fashion. keep it up, girly! you've got a great future going for you~


Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Happy blog anniversary! I'm so happy I discovered your blog and I look forward to the posts for the next 12 months!

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday! That's quite a milestone - good going.

Verena Hafner - musings of a fashion stylist said...

Happy late birthday, SMS Style! X

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