The Essential: Sheer Shirt

Thought I would kick off February with a new Essential post. This is a piece that really found a way into our wardrobes in 2011, but doesn't look like it's going anywhere for some time.  Easy to wear, but a b*gger to iron - it's the sheer shirt.  You can wear it all year round, pair it up with loud/bright/trend pieces or with other essentials like skinny jeans, leather pants or denim shorts.  Regardless, you need one - buy in cream or a neutral tone to make it all the more handy. 

Where to buy one:
You can buy these cheaply, but if you pay peanuts you'll get monkeys so don't expect a bargain to hold together as long as an investment...

Zara - mine is from here, and I have worn it to death.  They have a great selection all year around and are usually between £30 and £50
Acne - If you are looking for an investment purchase then Acne will never fail you to ensure you get 'price per wear' value.  Here is a lovely piece in their store now for £170.
Reiss - would be criminal not to mention these guys for such an essential piece - it's what the brand are so good at doing
Oasis - I also spied a great couple from Oasis last week, here and here.

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Joanne said...

I love them, last s/s you couldn't buy any kind of shirt or blouse without it being sheer so I'm glad they are back again!

Maria said...

I love sheer shirts! particularly white ones! so versatile and stylish :)

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

It's my wish list item for 2012, but I'm so so so picky... Loved a few so far, but most of them are made of poly. x

Unknown said...

Love, love, Hayley

Thelma Frayne said...

Great post!

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