Rosie Sugden's Fluoro Beanie

It's still bl**dy cold isn't it!?  I was hoping to start dressing as if for Spring, but no such luck.  In December I posted about the need for a bright pink hat in winter. THAT is how long it has taken me to find one.  I've had a mountain of hat envy towards AGirlinBoston and Steffy of SteffysProsandCons ever since I found snaps of them in theirs, below.

So you imagine my mental leap for joy when I discovered a new brand Rosie Sugden, by Rosie - a knitwear graduate who launched her own label in 2011.  Everything is made and designed in Scotland (which for some reason makes me feel that they would much warmer than if it had been made anywhere else - maybe because it is so. effing. cold. in Scotland). Here is her wonderful bright pink beanie, made with cashmere (of course, what else!) which you can buy here for £95.00.

Check out all of Rosie's stuff at her website, RosieSugden here, or follow her on Twitter here.  Lovely stuff, and great to find a new name to harp on about - love buying from independent names.  If only it wasn't Frugal February (my vague pledge not to splurge this month)!

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Style Servings said...

Haha how long is this list becoming of things you are going to buy after your holiday?! You know, I think you are seriously slowing down the UK economy right now ;) haha wonderful find, hope it goes straight to the top of your to buy list because it would look great!


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