[Trend] Peplum Tummy Tiniers

Trying to hide the Christmas bulge this January?  I certainly am!  As my boyfriend put it so kindly 'if you have eaten 1000 mince pies, then you've got to expect to look like you've eaten at least 100.'  It is my own fault.  We're all on diets in the office, it's so dull.  Weetabix and the gym is fast becoming my life.  At least thinking about the gym... I ran to work this morning though - shock, horror - and not just because I was running late. For the next few weeks of bloated wonderfulness I have discovered a wonderful outfit trick - peplum tops.  

Peplum tops are the way forward for any fashion conscious post-Christmas body.  They tuck you in at your slimmest part and then fan over the areas in flabby question.  Massively flattering (the irony in my choice of words).  Jil Sander's peplum maxi skirt was a huge hit last year - and the Resort 12 collections seem to have loads of similarly shaped pieces in them.  My favourite bargain busters are from A/Wear at ASOS - lovely shaped tops for only £20.  They come in two colours, below.  Buy them here.

All pictures via my Pinterest, ooh and a fab blog I have newly discovered - Daily Cup of Couture


Brandi said...

Even if you're not trying to hide that bit of a tummy you put on from all the holiday food, this style is still seriously cute. It's so charmingly old-fashioned.

Daily Cup of Couture said...

so glad you enjoy dCc!! Your blog is quite fabulous as well! xx

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