Karlie Kloss for Mary Katranzou for Topshop

Getting very excited about Mary Katranzou for Topshop now - not long till it hits our stores.  I've never been this excited about a collaboration - in this case I think sleeping on the street the night before to make sure you get something makes perfect sense. Call me a fashion victim, but I have LOVED Katrantzou for a long time - she is after all the woman who put structure into our dresses - and made antique/china prints acceptable.

Here are some new pictures released from the store of Karlie Kloss modelling for the campaign - beautiful.  Karlie is such a good face for this range, as she herself is the right mix of delicate and fierce just like the designs.  It's quite difficult to see the full prints in these images - but it's enough to get my heart rate up...

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Anonymous said...

When exactly is this being recently? I think I will find my perfect birthday dress in the new collection! excitement!

Joanne said...

Karlie Kloss is amazing!

Josie said...

Love Karlie Kloss. Excited for this collection but I'll never get my hands on a piece, won't catch me camping on the streets, not even for fashion! Will love watching the craziness when it's on sale, like when H&M did Versace. xx

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