Current/Elliott Stiletto Jean

I am probably a little behind the times when it comes to Current/Elliott - I was previously committed to another denim label (shameful, I know).  However, I have just discovered the "Stiletto jean" and have added it to my 'wanted when I am not still paying for Christmas' list, which is unfortunately followed by the 'when I am not paying for my holiday' list. GAH.

via eatsleepdenim / Isla Fisher

I think they are an essential - not sure if you agree? But I just love the way your comfy denims (they are VERY cosy, tried them on about a hundred times now) can be a little bit different and add a bit of flair to a very simple outfit.  As the pictures on this post should hopefully demonstrate/justify.  At £156, they are a purchase for the beginning of the month rather than the end. But I love them, and can't see them going out of trend any time soon.  

Kate Moss / Caroline Roitfeld

Emily Blunt

Think I will go for the grey style, just as they are a bit more subtle.  Love the reds on Rachel Bilson but for me, the modest/plain Jane of the blogging world, that is two statements in one; red AND leopard.  My ultimate style crush Geraldine Saglio has the goldy coloured ones which are lush, but I have paler skin than this European beauty, so grey is probably the way forward. These jeans will look fab with your white tees, little black jackets and the other bits covered off in my Essentials page

Katie Holmes / Geraldine Saglio

Rachel Bilson

Buy them here at Bloomingdales for £156.  All unreferenced pictures are via pinterest - to be referenced email me here.

Sarah Jessica Parker / via iletaitunefois

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Thelma Frayne said...

Oh I love them- they are a little pricey!

Style Servings said...

I love these! They had a similar one on sale at Topshop but unfortunately it was sold out before I could get it :( though I'm sure this one will still be available after all your payments are done haha!

Unknown said...

Personally I love the red but the gray is very versatile too :)

Sarah-Louise said...

I LOVE them on Geraldine Saglio. They're beautiful, although for now my denim allegiance lies with J Brand.....for now.


Diana Chow said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and for the follow! :)

I've been seeing these jeans everywhere - can't figure out if I want a pair or not! Really love the way Geraldine Saglio styled them though!

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