Alber Elbaz's drawings..

I've really been hunting around and I came across this photo whilst searching for some new blogs to keep my brain ticking in January (seriously, when is pay day?) and I can actually afford the simple things in life like La Duree and Malbec.  I found a little blog called Violeta Purple, and I can't quite work out which magazine the girl works for, but regardless she gets an insiders look on all sorts of places.  Including Lanvin HQ and Alber Elbaz's own office, where she took this picture:

I, the artist limited to stick men, find it amazing that a picture like this can be taken and interpreted into a dress on the catwalk, later into stores.  Don't get me wrong, these pictures are amazing but they don't exactly say, 'use X fabric, cut the bias here, fasten with a zip.'  Clearly a hidden talent in design/tailoring at Lanvin is being a little psychic...

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