The Ultimate Scarf, by Louise Dungate

Was it just me or was it much colder this morning?  I am lucky enough to have today off work, so am taking Lopez to Harrods to get his first grooming.  Not sure how much he is going to like it, he isn't exactly a big fan of brushes - so I'm leaving it to the professionals. But anyway, we went on our morning walk to the park this morning and it was very, very chilly.  Which means I can bring out my favourite fashion accessory, the scarf!  I have dug out one my sister bought me a few years ago, but I am dying to make a sneak purchase...

A friend through Twitter, Louise makes amazing chunky knits, and I wanted to share my favourite with you.  This one above is 7 and a half feet on woollen wonderfulness.  It's called The Buxton, and I need it in my life.  It may be £150, but it is Merino wool and it is BEAUTIFUL.  Argh, I need it in my life.  

Boyfriend, if you are reading this please click on the link here and purchase for me - in the cream or the pink.  Then wrap it up (I have bought you wrapping paper, it is next to the washing machine and the sellotape is in the drawer under the TV) and give it to me on Christmas Day, which is 23 days away by the way - you really should go shopping. Men...

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PS - If you want to have a look at Louise's stuff, she is at 123 Bethnal Green Road in the East End (London) and Dagny and Barstow on Gansevoort St (New York).

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Style Servings said...

Wow. looks amazing!!! Definitely going on my Christmas list!

MonochromeMagpie said...

Haha, I must confess, your note and not-so-subtle-hint to your boyfriend did make me laugh!


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