Topshop Blouse with Leather Spots

Stella McCartney started a spotty revolution this winter with that dress that has swept all over the red carpets of late 2011.  And so have a flock of little black dresses with the same sheer panelling/spotty combination.  The trouble is, 99% of the dresses are bodycon, and my torso isn't quite ready for that situation.  Unsurprisingly, I don't have a body like Uma Thurman, Livia Firth (below) or Kate Winslet. It's winter - my knee-to-boob area goes into hiberation until a quick fix diet around March... 

So, I've been on the hunt for a similar look without the trauma of skin tight outfits, and I found it at Topshop.  I've bought it for Christmas Day, as it's comfortable yet very on trend - sounds cheesy but it's true.  I'm going to pair it with my J-Brand khakis and velvet Topshop boots (see here) that I've been living in this autumn/winter.

It also comes in a knitted form, which is lovely too and subtly hints at Stella's AW11 range.  Good luck washing it, but it looks fantastic... For £46 it ain't that bad - I saw a similar one in Browns the other week by a little British designer (name escapes me) and it was £900!

Buy it here

Finally, I've decided to go for a nomination for an award, the Marie Claire Blogger Award.  I never expect to win, my blog is teeny compared to others - but it would be great if you could nominate me for the 'Fashion' category by clicking on the link here.  

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Anonymous said...

This TopShop version of Stella's spots is ace! Thanks for sharing...I'd be very tempted too..and I like the idea of wearing this on Christmas Day! You're good at finding high street alternatives! With you and A Pair & A Spare, I'm sorted!
Bella x

Anonymous said...

I actually prefer both Topshop versions to Stella's. I think it's the fact that they aren't skin tight. Also, that they are seperates so they don't get old as quickly as a dress would. I remember a Topshop boxy cropped jacked about three years ago made out entirely of leather disks so I guess it's really not much of a knock-off in this case.

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