[Craving] Caitlin's H&M dress and Alba Clutch

I made a new blogger discovery this week, you might already know about her as her blog is way bigger than South Molton St Style - Caitlin from Style Within Reach.  I found her through the lovely girls at Accessorize, who are going to do a blog feature on Lopez in the Christmas gear they sent him - so cute.  Caitlin was featured on their blog with their lovely Alba clutch that many a fashion conscious lady is wearing - I've got the orange one like Louise Roe, below.

I've fallen in love with Caitlin and Louise's outfit - the green H&M dress and gorgeous clutch, simple style at it's best  - I want that dress so badly. I've been scouring the H&M site like there is no tomorrow, but can only find this one (here) but it just isn't the bright colour I want!  Does anyone know where I can find a similar one?  Would be perfect for a Christmas party I've got coming up, help!  However, fear not the Alba clutch is very much available and you can buy it here - only decision to make it which colour you go for!

Ooh forgot to say, make sure you do check out the Accessorize team's blog - it's fab.  Have a look here.


Chris said...

She looks sensational. Chris

The Wardrobe Stylist said...

I absolutely adore the dress and the colours! I am one of your followers now :) Come by :)

Angelic said...

wow thanks for introducing this new blog! love the dress!

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