Rosie Huntington Whiteley for Harpers Bazaar

I spotted a couple of pictures on thehartblog yesterday and decided to delve deeper.  Gosh this woman is gorgeous.  I think I'm going to use these as inspiration on my 'diet from hell' which starts next week.  If anything can give you reason not to eat chocolate, it's her.  Though apparently she does. Yeah, course.

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Diana ♥ said...

grr, that woman is stuuuuning!!

liveonbeauty said...

i love the aesthetics from this editorial. she is gorgeous, the clothes are very beautiful, and the styling should really get a high 5!
the second outfit is perfect, make up and furniture as well.

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean! says I eating a trail mix bar while running out of the door to the gym again! I am looking for a new hairstyle too, hers is fabulous. Oh well, I will console myself that she MUST have some flaws!

The Pampered Sparrow said...

She is stunning isn't she!! :D xx

Molliee said...

she's amazingly gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

She is unbelievably beyond any level of beauty thus far! I have started my diet today. And you're right, it is hell. More hell than the worst hell. Yeugh. Good luck with yours!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh someone else planning a New Years diet? Save me now, oh wait I think you just did with these pics! I think I will steal these for some motivation she is gorgeous! I'm not looking forward to next week haha...GOODLUCK!
Tilly M x

Anonymous said...

I really love that swimsuit. Ibiza and that swimsuit, it's a match made in heaven!

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