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Any of you who have been readers or followers of South Molton St Style for a while will know of Owen and Savary - and after seeing their newest additions to their range of leather cuffs I really wanted to show them off to you.  

Owen and Savary is the brain child of a family friend of mine, Kira Owen- and a friend.  I was lucky enough to spend a few summers in Biarritz with Kira's family when I was younger, which are some of the fondest memories I hold from my childhood.  Kira also really helped me learn French to a decent standard too - her patience was clearly far better than any teacher I ever had at school...  Anyway, when I first heard she was starting a company I knew it would be good - but Owen and Savary is quite simply amazing.

A fab alternative to the Hermes and Wang's of this world - Owen and Savary's leather cuffs are fast becoming a  must have.  They've had tonnes of coverage in the press - so get yours before the masses have them.  Their signature is their clasp as shown in the piccies - inspired from their travels in South Africa, Paris, Casablanca, London and New York.

I am lusting after a black one in the thinner style - I just love them so much and they'll go with every outfit, not to mention being a stand out piece.  Totally timeless too... I'm going to stop verbally drooling now... But make sure you have a look at the full range here.  

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Bella said...

Ooh, they're lovely!! The clasp looks like it has some serious quality.
Bella x

losaway said...

i love it!

Jacquii Lie said...

Eeep I want all these cuffs, so hot. Cute blog honey! Love your header. Thanks so much for the visit and sweet comment :)

Couture Caddy

Jacquii Lie said...

ps. following you!

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