Lily and Albert knits

You guys need to know about Lily and Albert, purchasing one of their super big and comfy knits is high on the agenda ahead of my ski trip later in the year.  I'm all about comfort in the winter, and if being comfortable can look good then that's one massive bonus.  Lily and Albert's knits really do hit the spot.

Love a company with a cool story; Lily and Albert were born after their founder (Kathryn) visited Portugal and saw the fisherman's wives knitting cardigans on the beaches.  No two cardigans are ever the same, as they are hand knitted and sourced from the same areas.  I love the big cardigans, and really want to get the boy a fairisle style knit... Not sure I will be able to resist.

Visit them at - make sure you check out the shawls and blankets, they really are lovely.

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Unknown said...

I'm gonna check the iste out right now !! i'm looking for a shawl and this brand really looks fantastic !!
Thanks for sharing ;))

Lucy said...

I LOVE a big knit, espesh fair isle ones! These look super cosy :)

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