Katie Holmes and ASOS Metallic Tee

Ever since I saw Katie Holmes in this Lanvin metallic top I've been on the hunt for a similar one.  There are plenty of similar shaped tops on the high street, but none in this metallic colour.  Well I did find out, but the material was like tin foil so lets not go down that route...  Anyway, I spotted this top on ASOS when I got a discount email from them this morning (anyone else getting millions of them at the moment? Well, sometimes they are worth it. 

Here is the tee in question.  And it is now only £15, reduced from £30. Love this look, so simple as the top does all the talking so you can wear simple trousers and shoes and the rest fits together perfectly.  Think I'm going to get this for Christmas Day - it's baggy enough to hide the horrible amount of food I intend to consume and not too fashiony to get comments from family members who don't understand the concept of 'trend'...  Buy it here for £15.

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Unknown said...

aww... Now I also "need" that tee ;))
Big kiss !!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I need more metallic/shimmery/sparkly looks in my wardrobe.

Unknown said...

ooh love the metallic trend!

love from San Francisco,

Style Servings said...

Love this, great post!

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