Kate Middleton in Ralph Lauren

Finally, Kate in something a little bit different. Yeah ok, it's a roll neck dress (questionable) but with a body like that I'd be in cling flim parading myself down Oxford Street all day, every day.  Quite like this look, it's a bit safe (go on Kate,  show us a bra strap or something, live dangerously - you are TWENTY NINE) but at the end of the day she's going to a homeless shelter.  Hardly the time to bling up...

A classic look, you've got to give it to her. As my grandmother once said, 'if you can't look good, at least look expensive,' and Kate certainly does.  Guessing the boots are LK Bennett, if not, they'll do very similar ones.  This dress is by Ralph Lauren (hooray, an American label for a change) and is £350.  Unless you are an XL or XXL you can't get it anymore - and if you are, with all due respect I'd have a think before buying it.

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