Kane you find me a copy?

Guys, help me!  I'm usually quite good at digging out a high street alternative, but I'm struggling with this one.  I've decided I want to buy in to the whole rainbow trend thing, ie: Christopher Kane's Resort 12 collection.  Whatever Kane does, the world follows - and that includes me.  I want this jumper, I know it's men's but the  women's one is floral and flowers AND rainbows is just too much...

Let me rephrase, I want a jumper similar to this that doesn't cost me £1,800.  Can anyone help?  I think I have about a £50 budget - rainbows are so out there they're kind of acceptable all the time, and would look as brilliant with my roughed up denim cut offs in summer as they would under my coat in winter.  Has anyone seen a high street version?!  Contemplating getting my knit on just to have one vaguely similar...

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Tina said...

Not sure this helps, but I just came across this rainbow coat today:

Tina said...

And this one isn't bad either:
I promise I will stop looking at etsy right now :)

Alexandra said...

That sweater is extraordinary, love Christopher Kane! He has such a wonderfully creative mind and sees all the potential in knitting that everyone ignored for so long. I have no idea where to find a lookalike, good luck finding one though love!

Alexandra xo

Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

Oooh that jumper is fab, thank you Tina! xx

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you may have seen this site before....their Same Same section is a good one, though not sure about this one...what do you think?
Bella x

Sabina said...

Honestly--I haven't seen anything like that sweater around. Somehow I think even when the trend is rainbows, most designers will still make most of their goodies in all black!

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