Just really loved this picture...

... of Dakota and Elle Fanning - thought I would share.  Not sure how old it is, or where it is from, but I stumbled on it whilst searching for monochrome Chanel jackets.  These girls have more style in their early teens than I will in a lifetime.  Such a beautiful pair - I sat next to Dakota in the Virgin air lounge at Heathrow a few months ago - she was very, very sweet.  Hated all the fuss, felt a bit sorry for her.  But then she did have electric pink hair, which instantly stood her out regardless of her occupation... Hmm.

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liveonbeauty said...

definitely they got style... however maybe if we had their wardrobe - and their cash- we would be more stylish... or not!
really nice post anyways!!!
whenever u have a chance, swing by at our blog!
have wonderful weekend!

Sabina said...

Does Dakota Fanning have pink hair? I'll bet it looks great on her. She and Elle are beautiful girls; I'm sure they're both used to all the fuss that gets made over them!

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous pic. I love the photos of the two of them together, and for ones so young, they do not half suit Chanel :-)

Unknown said...

Wow! They do look fab! xxx Hayley

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