[Trend] Dorothy Perkins Collarless Coats

I have a minor obsession with collarless coats at the moment.  I have one, thanks to a very generous friend - she was moving to Hong Kong and decided she wouldn't need it anymore.  I have lived in it ever since.  I found some similars in the sales at Dorothy Perkins and thought I would share:

Think they look so stylish, and in this weather it means you can pile on a scarf around your neck without it looking totally ridiculous.  There is not enough space between my chest and chin for a collar AND a scarf.  Maybe that's because of the vast amount of food I've been consuming at work in the run up to Christmas...

Love these so much, love the pop of colour too - we need brightening up now Christmas is over.  Really impressed with Dorothy Perkins this year - their stuff has been fab.  Went off them for a while, but they've had a big overhaul and I bought loads from them this year.  Go Dotty Ps! 

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Style Servings said...

So many British retailers have such fab winter coats this season!!

Diana ♥ said...

ooh, those look pretty! i like the camel coloured one, looks very chic!

Lindsay said...

If only that red one was still available, it would be mine!

Josie said...

I went to the Dotty P sale today and didn't find these - boo! They have got so much better than what they used to be x

Anonymous said...

I have a coat obsession. I don't need anymore enouragement. You picked out some beauties here.
Bella x

Jessica said...

These are incredible - especially the A-line shape of the first one. I have a collarless coat too, which is fabulous for big scarves!

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