Coach / Fashion Foie Gras' Bloggertastic Bag

Wow, this just goes to show that it takes a blogger (not a designer) to find a niche.  Emily Thornton from Fashion Foie Gras was asked to design a handbag for Coach, and she did one with us bloggers in mind - with this great camera holder at one end.

South Molton St Style doesn't do a huge amount of street style - but I can imagine for those that focus completely on it that it must be really annoying carrying around a massive SLR all the time.  Or even as a tourist having to constantly dig around your handbag for the camera is a bloody pain (I found that in Colombia and Miami this year).

Here is Emily at the fashion packed launch this week - how brilliant is the bag?!  I really like it, and the camera holder is just a bonus!  Maybe one day I'll get a call from a designer to ask me to design a bag... Or maybe not!

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