Also on my Christmas List...

... are either one these bags I spotted on blog Lulu and your Mom yesterday.  I'm not fussy on colour, either will do.  They are by Phillip Lim - hey, at least it isn't Chanel - so are a great investment present.  Mulberry Bayswater-like but a billion times better.

Pretty please Santa, I have been a good girl this year (providing you weren't watching me around April, August or November).

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Couture Carrie said...

Ooooooooh gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful bags! The orange one is so fun, but of course the black is more practical. Hope Santa is good to you this year :)

Anna said...

I'm quite partial to orange (but then that's my favorite color). I haven't seen these babies anywhere yet.. Hmmm.. Good thing Christmas time is near ;)

Meggan said...

These bags are to die for! Definitely a great investment piece! You have such a cute blog! new follower! xo

losaway said...

wooo! love these bags! what colour don't mine :)

LeeLee said...

Love these purses.

Caroline said...

ooh gorgeous bag! like the classic black x

Style Servings said...

OH MY WORD!!! They are perrrrfect, especially the orange one!!

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