Alice Temperley lusting... Solved.

Alice Temperley is yet another one of the designers over here in the UK to benefit from the 'power of the Middleton.'  Temperley was already a big name with the fashion elite in England, but Pippa and Kate took it to a whole new level by wearing the designer all over town.  The label used to be known for their pastel coloured frocks and embellished necklines, but this season their monochrome masterpieces, with an air of gothic inspiration - haunting/regal/fan patterns and simple black and white colouring (as displayed by the Middleton duo above).

My favourite piece for this year is this dress above, with follows all the same principles.  Temperley's expert handicraft makes it difficult for the high street to copy something as intricate as this - but I've managed to find something similar, again at Topshop (jeez their design team but have eyes into every peep hole in the fashion industry). And next to it, is the Temperley top-version of the dress - for an eye watering £350, minus 10p!

 Left: Topshop, £49 - Right, Alice Temperley, £344.90

Think you can see which one I'll be going for - this top is released into stores tomorrow (Tuesday the 13th of December) at Topshop.  Go, go and GO!  Also, a little shameless plug - South Molton St Style is now up and running properly on Facebook - check it out here and gimme a like ;)  I'm going to be doing some Facebook only comps in January - exciting!

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