THAT McQ dress...

I did a post yesterday on the tartan surge onto the high street, and didn't realise the dress I'd posted about has been worn by a huge number of A Listers - thought I'd share... This McQ (new, fun, little sister/brain hcild of the Alexander McQueen label) number is a favourite with many - Emma Watson, Rihanna and Chloe Moretz included.

These girls have completely different styles, yet all work this dress.  If you have a spare £470, you can buy it here from NetaPorter.com.  Lush. The tartan army plod on... Read the full post I did here and will do a review of the McQ stuff as it just amazing - and almost affordable!

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Kristen said...

chloe looks gorgeous in that photo. she has such great style for someone so young (though i'm sure her stylist is the one to prominently thank for that)

hannahstiff said...

It really is quite a lovely dress. Emma Watson looks pretty great in pretty much everything! Loving you blog- just discovered it. Hope you can visit 4scarlet.com and follow me back:) XO

real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

Anonymous said...

I like it the best on that Chloe girl :)

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